Miunohri to Swan Manga

Miunohri to Swan Manga

Sinopse: Mioh is a short, overweight and ugly girl, who is constantly picked on by her peers. Boys make fun of her and her \"friends\" make her do errands for them. Even her relatives shun her as being the \"ugly duckling\" of the otherwise gorgeous family, going so far as to question whether or not she\'s related to them behind her back. One day though, Mioh tries to commit suicide but her grandfather saves her and somehow turns her into a real beauty! But this transformed form comes with two conditions: whenever raindrops touch her, she turns back to her original, ugly form for a short time, and if she ever kisses someone, she won\'t be able to turn back into her beautiful form. Now that Mioh is no longer ugly, how will her classmates and family react to her? How will Mioh cope with the limits to her miraculous transformation? And what is the meaning of \"beauty\" anyway?

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